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Welcome to Southeast Asia's premier brony community.


Project SEAPonyCon's journey began in 2012 with a suggestion from Daryll "Buckweiser" Alvero, a member of the Philippine Bronies. Since then the project slowly took shape and led to the organisation of Southeast Asia's first pony convention with a VA in attendance. In 2017, Project SEAPonyCon changed the Southeast Asian pony convention landscape and made history.

Now with the convention behind us, the community we built in the years leading up to the event is where the spirit will live on. The doors are open and the party is just getting started. Hop on in!

Pull up a chair!

We have a few usual hangouts and would love to have you join us!

While Southeast Asia is home to many languages, faiths, beliefs and walks of life, our main conversations take place mostly in English. However, feel free to educate your friends on some local terms and slang!


Join the conversation!

Hang out, chit chat and talk to bronies from all over the region in our Discord server.

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Check out our muses and postings from time to time on our Twitter account, @SEAPonyCon.

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Go behind the scenes and be sure to tag us in our pictures on our Instagram profile.


Watch our videos and check out our podcasts on our YouTube channel.


Hook up to fellow Southeast Asian bronies and make new friends.


Hang out, play games and check out each others' achievements in our Xbox Club.


We're not exactly developers but we have this anyway for some crazy ideas.

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